Treatment Room and Clinic Rental

Movement Matters currently has space available for renting our therapy room. Please get in contact to discuss availability.

Please contant Ruth on 07951 549095 to discuss your requirements.

The space can be rented for full days or by the hour.

Our clinic comes equiped with a desk and chair, plus one chair for your client, a sink and a wooden floor to allow for oil based therapies. We have a automatic (pneumatic) massage table which would be avaiable as well as the required towels.

clinic renting.jpg

Anatomical pictures showing the Skeletal System, Muscular System and the Nervous System are on the walls as extremely useful reference images.

With windows on two walls, both with blinds the space can be filled with natural light, or as private as required.

renting clinic 2.jpg

Mr Bones is there to help bring a peaceful smile to the room! He stands next to the wall heater.


The chair by the head of the table is easily moveable and the table raises and lowers with a pneumatic pump.

"To keep the body in good helth is a duty otherwise we  shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear" 

- Buddha -

For further details please contact Ruth on 07951 549095