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Massage Vouchers

Whether it is to give some one the the gift of better movement, to make sure someone get the treatment they need or to give a loved one a special treat. you can buy massage vouchers for all types of massage.

See our prices below, use the contact form or just give us a call to let us know what you need. We can deliver in and around Leeds or pop them in the post as required. 

If you have any questions about any treatment please click here to get in touch.


Discount available for NHS staff, low income pregnancy massage and dance and performing arts students and employees.

Massage Voucher Prices

Initial consultation and treatment

1.5 hours

All treatments

1 Hour

5 Session block booking

Massage voucher and delivery





Initial Consultation

Full postural analysis

Review of current and historical issues

aims and outcomes discussion

Pain relief massage

relaxing Neck and shoulder massage

All inital consultations are 1.5 hours, to allow time for full discussion about the treatment required.

Whatever your physical condition, fears and hopes we can ensure we have a tailored plan to help you have the most pain free movement possible

Including: Assessment, Posture assessment,massage and corrective exercies as appropriate and a head and shoulder massage

Including: Assessment, examination, stress relief. Examination of typically pain points. Expert stomach tension relief. and a head and shoulder massage

Including: Assessment, each element of system massaged, specific areas targettted as required a head and shoulder massage

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