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Movement Matters
Leeds Massage Therapy

Movement Matters, giving you a range of treatments including Sports and Remedial Massage, Pregnancy Massage, Myofascial Release and Lymphatic drainage in a caring and safe environment.

Hi Please note we are on Annual leave until Thursday 25 July. We will contact you as soon as we return.

Welcome to Movement Matters. We’re a massage therapy centre based in north Leeds, led by massage therapist Ruth McNulty.

We work with your body and nervous system to help ease pain and release tension, as well as identify the route cause of any issue. This can be postural issues, work based pains, sports injuries, post-surgery recovery - or just some niggly knots in your shoulders.

We’re obsessed with how the body works and want to help you lead as pain-free life as possible. We believe that life should be enjoyable and pain-free, no matter your age!

If you have any questions, we’d love to chat!



"She has that rare quality of intuitive touch and palpatory skill so essential in effective soft tissue work. As well as her brilliant hands Ruth has a wonderful heart with a deep and empathetic insight into the psychological/ emotional needs of everyone she works on.

I have no hesitation in urging you to experience the gentle healing of this gifted young lady. If it hadn’t been for her return to England our work would have continued for many more years." Bruce Lang



About Movement Matters

Movement Matters was founded by massage therapist Ruth McNulty. She started Movement Matters with a simple goal: to share her knowledge and support others with their training or physical goals, whether it be in sport or comfort in life.

“I wish to empower you to lead a pain-free, healthy, happy existence.” Ruth McNulty

Ruth McNulty is fully qualified in a range of massage techniques and is able to provide consultation, hands on therapy and an supportive exercise program to help you get the results you need. For more info see our About Movement Matters page

Massage Qualifications include:

Level 5 Sports and Remedial Massage

Diploma in Deep Tissue Massage

Diploma in Lymphatic Drainage

Level 4 PT qualification

BPA hons Contemporary Dance( NSCD)

We always recommend verifying the level of qualification of any massage professional before engaging in their services.


We’re based in 646 Regent Place Clinic, King Lane, Alwoodley. Our treatment room is lovely, relaxing and private, with calming music playing quietly in the background.

You can find out more on our contact page.

Our Massage Treatments

Every treatment starts with a postural assessment and analysis, so we can understand and uncover any underlying issues. We’ll ask you questions about what you need – it might be pain, inflexibility, or just needing to destress – and then we’ll work on a solution.

We may offer you some exercises or recommendations to add into your workout or routine, as well as encouraging and supporting you to geek out on anatomy and how the body works!

Please call on 07305 532645 to ask any questions about all treatments. 

Corporate massage

We offer packages to companies looking to provide employees with stress-relief at work. We’ll tailor the frequency, treatment and cost to what your company needs. For more information, get in touch with our lead massage therapist on our contact page.,

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