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Types of Massage

Often people don’t know how to differentiate between different types of massage, they know they need soft tissue work but don’t know how to choose their therapy.

Hopefully this guide will help clarify a few questions. Please get in touch if you have any queries.

Remedial Massage


Remedial massage is intended to identify and treat musculoskeletal conditions that affect so many people. Sciatica, back pain, leg and arm injuries, injuries from the office and daily life. Supporting the healing of injuries as well as identifying the cause to stop the reoccurrence.

Always tailored to the individuals needs a typical treatment will involve more than just massage, with postural correction techniques as well as exercise that will give the greatest chance of lasting success.

Ideal for those with recurring injuries or persistent pain of all levels. Identifying the route cause can help pain management and reduction.

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Deep Tissue Massage


As it says on the tin! Deep tissue massage is to work deeply into the muscles and tissue. In our bodies we have many layers of tissue; Epithelial tissue, connective tissue, nervous tissue and muscle tissue, all layered under our skin. 


Deep tissue massage is aimed at working deeply and manipulating these tissues to help release what we call knots or tight muscles or a build up of tension.


The term deep tissue massage is often used to distance a treatment to a more light weight beauty therapy, spar or relaxing massage.  

Sports Massage


Is aimed at the amateur and professional sports enthusiasts. To help maintain, prepare and recover from training demand’s. A sports therapist will require a high level of anatomy training to make sure they work to improve and enhance the environment in the athletes body.

Regular treatment is recommended for all sports people who trying to push themselves to help avoid injury and maintain the most efficient performance.


Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage (MLD)

Often found very relaxing, Lymphatic drainage massage is a very light form of massage. Working to move and shift Lymph and any blockages through the Lymphatic system.


The lymphatic system helps to remove waste and toxins from bodily tissue. It is possible for Lymph fluid to build up as a result of some medical conditions. The lymph system relies on the smooth movement of muscles to  move fluid around the system. It is not powered by the heart.

Lympademea can cause swelling of the legs and arms among other complaints. Often caused by cancer treatments as well as other conditions. A lymphatic massage can provide much needed relief.

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