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What is Pregnancy Massage?


Pregnancy massage helps to support the dramatic physical changes that our bodies go through. Aim is to maintain functional movement to keep the body pain free. It helps support those areas that are under pressure and helps prepare the body for birth.

Massage helps all the changes be more manageable.


Pre-natal massage

Your movement can become prohibited through baby placement and the additional weight being carried. Massage should help prevent injuries and support your growing pains.

Post-natal massage

Postnatal massage can help with muscle recovery and renewal, ease scarring and provide support through feeding.

Baby is safe and protected

  • There is no abdominal massage during pregnancy massage

  • Mum's lie on their side through out the massage

  • There is no prone massage (lying on mum's front) involved

  • In later stages, there is no lying on the back

  • You will be kept warm and covered throughout treatment


As a general rule all pregnancy massage is done on the side. Bump will be supported through towels and pillows so you really fell the relief!


The Three Trimesters

Trimester One

During the excitement and nerves of the first trimester you often experience an overwhelming emotions. Morning sickness can cause neck and shoulder pain. Whether it is your first or tenth you can feel stress, pressure or discomfort. Everybody's body is different.

During this most sensitive of times massage is entirely a personal choice. You don't want to do anything that may exaggerate morning sickness or makes you feel uncomfortable. I chose massage during the first trimester, during my long periods of sickness it helped me relax. It worked for me.


Trimester Two

You are really seeing the changes and every bodies body reacts differently. Pressure is being applied to your pelvis, your back is taking new stress and your movement may start to be impaired. Your body will change and adapt to support baby and mum.

Taking time for self care during the second trimester can give you some much needed stress relief. Providing support to your muscles can help prepare you for what is to come.

Trimester Three

Bump can prohibit you moving your lower back, doing up your shoes and touching your toes. As humans our bodies like motion, as soon as we can't move we get pain. Typically, lower back and foot pain.

Massage can aid blood flow and help the muscles you are struggling to move . Sciatica (see below) is common as well as back pain and Kyphosis (see below). The pain relief massage provides can in itself move women to tears.

In the third trimester women who have never liked having their feet touched can suddenly love it!

Three Trimesters

Pregnancy Sciatica

There are big shifts in the shape of the pelvis during pregnancy, and the body has to learn how to hold yours and babies weight. This extra weight can cause postural shifts.

Sciatic pain down the legs can be as a result of a tight piriformis. Piriformis sits right on top of the sciatic nerve. If the piriformis gets tight it can constrict the sciatic nerve, sending shooting pain down the leg or in the bum.

How you sit or lie during pregnancy can also create discomfort in your hips. All these issues can b=vary from uncomfortable to excruciating. 


Treatment includes pain relief as well as postural and support guidance to help prevent issues. 

Pregnancy Sciatica

Pregnancy back pain relief and Kyphosis

Pregnancy can cause spinal curvature known as kyphosis. Kyphosis is the rolling of the upper shoulders and neck.


This can result in back pain and stiffness, tenderness of the spine and can impact your energy levels. Big boobs can also result in Kyphosis.

A kyphotic posture can create tight neck and shoulders and promote a closed front body. All these can impact lung capacity and effecting your breath quality.

Every individual is different, and the treatment can support you emotionally as well as provide pain relief.

Back pain

What is Postnatal Massage?

Once having given birth your body is going to begin the process of recovery. You will the weakest you have ever been and the most flexible. Massage helps support renewal.


  • Massage helps support the change to the new normal, and help you recover from the trauma of birth

  • Massage can help scaring, especially after a C-section

  • Treatment includes advice and support around strengthening as muscles regain their form

  • Whether breast feeding or bottle feeding, holding baby can result in a kyphotic posture causing new pains and strains when you are at your most emotionally vulnerable

Pregnancy is as beautiful as it is taxing on the body. Your body won't necessarily go back to the way it was before. The female pelvis can be permanently shifted.

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